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To achieve its Mission, CHESO works under four focus areas

CHESO empowers child health duty bearers and communities to prevent and respond to child mental and psychosocial disorders for child's better education outcomes.

CHESO empoweres child protection duty bearers and communities to prevent and respond to : neglect, abuse, exploitation and violence against seperated and unaccompanied children for their better educaton outcomes. CHESO conducts child protection case management including provision of legal aid and pyschosocial support for these children to save their lives and alleviate their suffering on protection,health and education needs deprived by man made, disaster or combiation of both factors..


CHESO traces and unifies separated and unaccompanied children to their parents, family members, alternative caregivers, formal and non-formal education centres in both private and government schools.

A separated and unaccompanied child at risk to miss or drop from schools for lack of education needs is paired by CHESO in collaboration with duty beares to alternative education care givers through a one to two education care givers arrangements.  One child is paired to two alternative education care givers to voluntarily cover education needs of the child. Our supported children call their alternative education care givers: “Elder Father-Elder Mother”/ Young Father-Young Mother”. A child at education risk has a legal right to be paired to alternative education care givers as so provided under the Tanzania law of the child Act. Moreover, 1990's studies show that paring a child to alternative care givers has proved to be effective in many countries around the world as one can see at http://www.bbbsi.org/about-us/.

CHESO, moreover, runs a Sponsorship programe to enable separated and unaccompanied  children living in poor households realize their full education potential. We further economically empower poor households of our targetted children and poor alternative education caregivers to sustainably protect and cover education, health, social and  development needs of the children.

CHESO conducts income generating activities in line with the Non-Governmental Organizations Act and other relevant government Policies to ensure sustainable delivery of high quality outputs, outcomes and impacts.






















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