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In 2004, The Children Education Society (CHESO) was found by local caregivers of most vulnerable children (MVC) to prevent and respond to the children’s  multifaceted challenges in their extended families and communities including violations of their rights, in particular, school: non-enrollment and drop-outs.

In 2006, CHESO was legally registered under the Non-Governmental Organisations Act No. 24 of 2002 and given Certificate of registration No. 00NGO/1629

In 2010, CHESO  was included by H.E Chief Justice of Tanzania  in both the Judicature and Application of Laws (Court of Appeal Rules, 2009)  and the Appellate Jurisdiction Act-The Court Fees (amendment Rules) of 2009  via Government Notices No. 1 & 2 of 01/01/2010 waiving payment of court fees for children and their family members provided legal aid by the Children Education Society (CHESO).


CHESO envisages a society where all children enjoy their right to education.


CHESO is a not for profit, non-governmental organization established to empower communities to protect children to enjoy their right to education


CHESO is guided by the following Core values:


We deliver outputs  and services of high quality with verifiable impacts at low cost


We work with self motivation, devotion and commitment to accomplish tasks


We work in partnership with others, internally and externally, to achieve a clear, focused, visible beneficiary oriented common goal(s)


We discharge duties with highest levels of professionalism, respect, honesty, integrity and hard work 


We are answerable and responsible for our decisions and actions arising from our work


We respect beliefs and ideas of others


We design strategies creatively and move extra miles, with volunteerism spirit,  during strategies implementation


We operate transparently in all undertakings in tandem with keeping confidentiality arising from our contractual and statutory obligations.


 We learn from expected and unexpected outputs, outcomes, impacts and improve our work performance progressively.


CHESO is a membership organization. Its members constitute the CHESO Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is the highest decision making and controller organ of the organization and meets annually.

The AGM has delegated some of its powers to the CHESO Board of Directors.The Board is an organ for policy making and oversees the overall CHESO Secretariat’s daily work performance. The Board reports to the AGM and meets quarterly in each year..


The CHESO Board has delegated some of its powers to the CHESO Secretariat steered by its Management team composed of the Executive Director, Finance and Programme Managers.

CHESO works under four focus areas led by Finance and Regional Programme Managers.They all report to the Executive Director: Our Key focus areas are: (i) Health, (ii) Protection, (iii) Education and the Cross cutting (iv) Institutional Sustinability and Delivery of high quality Outputs. The Executive Director is the chief executive, spokes person and accounting officer of the organization. He/she ensures daily work performance of all CHESO activities and reports to the Board of Directors and partners. CHESO has regional sub-Offices led by Regional Programme Managers who report to the Executive Director.


  • Currently, we reach a minimum of annual 100 children with mental disability  whose parents or primary caregivers are prisoners, We provide them psychosocial support services including education needs to concerned children, counseling and supporting ministering the words of God to the children and their family members in Dar es salaam region (weka video)
  • 1n 2016/2017, CHESO empowered youth to globally amplify his voice against mental disability arising from application of death penalty in Tanzania. He became the first global winder of the International Youths Drawing competition against death penalty organized globally by the  Esembly Contre la Peine de mort(Together against death penalty). The Tanzania first global winner was selected by an international Committee of experts which sat in Paris, France
  • In 2015, CHESO made oral and written submission to the parliamentary committee on illicit drugs which contributed amending the  Drug Control and Enforcement Bill by now including child protection provisions in the Tanzania Drug Control and Enforcement Act, 2017. The Bill had no any child protection provision against drug abuse and CHESO was appreciated in Parliament
  • In 2013/14, CHESO empowered law enforcers in Chato districts who rescued a minimum of 200 young girl survivors with mental and psychosocial disorders  aged between 13 to 18 years. They were being subjected to: sexual slavery,  drug use, exploitation and rape by night Discotheque (Discovumbi) business runners and their clients in Chato district in Geita region.
  • Mbagala and Kisarawe Paralegals organizations established and operating. They provide mental health and psychosocial support services in terms of legal aid and economic empowerment to a minimum of 1000 children with or at risk of mental health and psychosocial disorders in Temeke and Kisarawe districts annually.
  • In 2010, CHESO received an Award from UNDP/UNMC as a special recognition for being a Star in campaigning for realization of Millennium Development Goals in Temeke Municipal Council, Dar Es Salaam region in Tanzania. .


Child Protection gaps depriving the right to education

Low geographical coverage

Limited resources

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